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  Poster on tuning vine
Posted by: Robin - 2015-06-05, 11:32:00 - Forum: Background information - No Replies


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  Tuning Vine Workshop in Berlin, 14.06.15
Posted by: Robin - 2015-04-03, 08:43:59 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)


One-day introductory workshop on Tuning Vine software to be held at Ausland, Lychnerstrasse 60, 10437 Berlin.

Participation fee
60€, which includes a free copy of the Hayward Tuning Vine software (or 40€ if you already own a copy). Upon registering participants will receive an email containing a licence to download the full version of the software.

Please preregister by sending an email to hayward@tuningvine.com with the subject line 'Ausland workshop 14.06.15'. Any questions concerning the workshop should also be sent to this email address. The maximum number of participants is 12, and the minimum number 6. Please register by June 13th at the latest.

Workshop details*

Session 1, Sunday June 14th, 11:00 – 14:00
The Hayward Tuning Vine as an introduction to Just Intonation.
• demonstration of connection between ratios and musical intervals for prime
numbers 2, 3 and 5
• significance of prime numbers for Just Intonation
• notation cards: colour notation, ratios, cents
• 'Flowers' versus 'Grapes' view
• number boxes and transpositions
• MONO / POLY modes
• Options, Master Volume and parameter controls
• working up through prime numbers 7 to 23
• undertone row as mirror image of overtone row

Session 2, Sunday June 14th, 15:00 – 18:00
The Hayward Tuning Vine as a practical aid to tuning in Just Intonation.
• tuning 'Pythogorean' intervals: octaves, fifths and fourths
• tuning 'Ptolemaic' intervals: major and minor thirds and sixths
• significance of octave positioning for tuning intervals
• locating common overtones on the Vine when tuning intervals
• challenge of playing Just Intonation on acoustic instruments
• tuning septimal 'blues' intervals
• tuning 'prime-limit 7' chords based on prime numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7

* This plan is meant as a guide only and the actual workshop may deviate from it to some extent.

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  Two-day workshop in Amsterdam 24. - 25.02.15
Posted by: Robin - 2015-02-11, 18:53:26 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)

Sonic Acts hosted a two-day workshop on the Hayward Tuning Vine on 24. and 25.02.15. Details at

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  Rotating harmonic space with respect to the vine
Posted by: Marc John - 2014-10-13, 15:25:24 - Forum: Ideas and suggestions - Replies (1)

I'd like firstly to record my admiration for Robin Hayward's invention. It opens up harmonic space in a beautiful way.

Here a suggestion that may have occurred to a few users already: it would be possible to introduce, alongside the transpose feature, the ability to -rotate- the vine through harmonic space or, equally, to rotate the harmonic space in relation to the vine.

To explain: I can pick up a cube off the table and rotate it through 90 degrees around any one of 3 axes, so that when i put it down again the corners that are now touching the tabletop are different to the ones that were initially touching it.

Just so, one could add to the software the ability to rotate the represented 9-dimensional harmonic space around one of its axes. The result would be that different pitches -and- different pitch-relationships would come to lie in the main lattice usually occupied by light blue and grey balls and struts.

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  Workshop in Berlin, 11.10.2014
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-26, 11:09:12 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)

The first Hayward Tuning Vine workshop took place on 11.10.14 at N.K., Elsenstr. 52, 2. HH, 2. Etage, 12059 Berlin.

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  Deutschsprachige Workshops auch möglich.
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-26, 11:07:18 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns falls Sie Interesse daran haben, einen deutschsprachigen Workshop zu besuchen.

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  Hayward Tuning Vine workshop in your area
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-25, 19:58:06 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (3)

Please contact me if you're interested in attending a workshop in your area.

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  Microtub in Oslo, 04.10.14
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-22, 19:34:08 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)

The microtonal tuba trio Microtub is playing two Tuning Vine-based compositions Star System and Square Dance in Oslo on 04.10

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  Stop Time, Ghent, 24.09.14
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-22, 18:12:13 - Forum: Workshops and events - Replies (1)

Stop Time, the first composition to use the physical version of the Hayward Tuning Vine as a score, was performed in Ghent on 24.09.14

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  What is the Hayward Tuning Vine for?
Posted by: Robin - 2014-09-19, 12:47:22 - Forum: Background information - Replies (4)

The Hayward Tuning Vine may be used

- as a pedagogical tool, for learning about and exploring Just Intonation;

- for performing music in Just Intonation;

- as an interface for composing and improvising in Just Intonation.

It is a Just Intonation alternative to the piano keyboard.

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