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What is the Hayward Tuning Vine for?
The Hayward Tuning Vine may be used

- as a pedagogical tool, for learning about and exploring Just Intonation;

- for performing music in Just Intonation;

- as an interface for composing and improvising in Just Intonation.

It is a Just Intonation alternative to the piano keyboard.
Robin Hayward
Hey Robin,
i am looking for a way to tune my soft synths to just intonation. As they commonly use midi that is pretty hard to do...
Can i use the tuning vine as a midi effect that tunes any synth into just intonation the way i want?
Thanks for posting - several people have been asking about midi. The answer is not yet but this is something we're working on for future versions. Difficult to say just how soon but hopefully sometime next year. Will let you know as soon as a version appears with this feature - it's high up on our list of priorities!
Robin Hayward
Should also add that it's already possible to program your own patches in pure data and load them into the current version, so you're not stuck to the current four wave forms. In this respect the Tuning Vine is already a sort of microtonal soft synth. But I agree it would be great to have midi so it could talk to existing synths too.
Robin Hayward
Update on midi - midi is quite tricky in combination with polyphonic microtonality as the pitch bend on most midi keyboards affects all sounding pitches simultaneously. We're planning to circumvent the issue of midi-in through using chord memory, and in the longer term midi-out could take place via OSC.

At some point we're also to build a hardware synth that has the Tuning Vine interface built into it, rather than the piano keyboard. In a sense it's actually contradictory to use a piano keyboard for Just Intonation, as the keyboard is one-dimensional, whereas Just Intonation is multidimensional.

If you let us know which soft synths you're interested in tuning in Just Intonation, and whether you're interested in continuing to use the piano keyboard as the main interface, that would help us plan for future updates.
Robin Hayward

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