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Rotating harmonic space with respect to the vine
I'd like firstly to record my admiration for Robin Hayward's invention. It opens up harmonic space in a beautiful way.

Here a suggestion that may have occurred to a few users already: it would be possible to introduce, alongside the transpose feature, the ability to -rotate- the vine through harmonic space or, equally, to rotate the harmonic space in relation to the vine.

To explain: I can pick up a cube off the table and rotate it through 90 degrees around any one of 3 axes, so that when i put it down again the corners that are now touching the tabletop are different to the ones that were initially touching it.

Just so, one could add to the software the ability to rotate the represented 9-dimensional harmonic space around one of its axes. The result would be that different pitches -and- different pitch-relationships would come to lie in the main lattice usually occupied by light blue and grey balls and struts.
This is a great idea and we'll certainly try implementing it for a future version. I remember when I started modelling the Vine thinking it would spread out several steps in all directions, until I saw the problem of accessing inner nodes. But rotating the software should certainly be possible and would help make the transpositions more intuitive.
Robin Hayward

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