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Performance options
Hi Robin,

I just ran in to Philipp Moser and he sent me a link to your app. I am now playing with the demo version and I find it very interesting!  I have been experimenting with micro tunings on various synthesizers recently, but your app offers a far more intuitive interface than a retuned piano keyboard.

However, as it stands it would be of limited use to me because I don't have any other way of sounding notes other than turning them on or off with mouseclicks. I read some posts about adding MIDI here but these seem to be about adding MIDI output. Are you considering adding MIDI input as well? I would be very interested in purchasing this app if I could somehow map a (grid based) midi controller to the nodes on screen. Even just mapping a midi piano keyboard would be very interesting, since the app gives so much visual feedback. This could make it very promising as a software instrument, even with the limited sound sources now available. Especially if you could add a simple ADSR type envelope.

About MIDI out: are you familiar with the Madrona Labs soft synths, Aalto and Kaivo? These are very nice synths with a lot of sound shaping potential and they already have the option to load custom scales, so this might facilitate integration?

All best,


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