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5-limit lattice extension
I find it a little cumbersome to shift the vine to access ratios that are combinations of 5 and another prime limit higher than 3. I've seen the discussion here about rotating the lattice in multidimensional space, but to me a more helpful function would be the option to include at least one more degree of 5th harmonic above and below each main node on the 2-3 lattice. The icons on the top left display could include a square on either side of the 3 that can be clicked on and hidden just like the main one -- or a small "show/hide 5-limit ratios" on each main 2-3 lattice node. Obviously making even just one red line and new node point with its associated grapes or flowers could get crowded, so the columns of grapes could be grouped closer teach other to made this happen (this could be good anyway, it can be hard to tell where the otonal group ends and the utonal group an octave and a fifth above it starts).

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