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Hi Robin,

I just ran in to Philipp Moser and he sent me a link to your app. I am now playing with the demo version and I find it very interesting!  I have been experimenting with micro tunings on various synthesizers recently, but your app offers a far more intuitive interface than a retuned piano keyboard.

However, as it stands it would be of limited use to me because I don't have any other way of sounding notes other than turning them on or off with mouseclicks. I read some posts about adding MIDI here but these seem to be about adding MIDI output. Are you considering adding MIDI input as well? I would be very interested in purchasing this app if I could somehow map a (grid based) midi controller to the nodes on screen. Even just mapping a midi piano keyboard would be very interesting, since the app gives so much visual feedback. This could make it very promising as a software instrument, even with the limited sound sources now available. Especially if you could add a simple ADSR type envelope.

About MIDI out: are you familiar with the Madrona Labs soft synths, Aalto and Kaivo? These are very nice synths with a lot of sound shaping potential and they already have the option to load custom scales, so this might facilitate integration?

All best,

Hi Chiel,

I am helping develop the next version of the app. Thanks your feedback about MIDI in.

My priority right now is getting MIDI out working, so that events generated by the Vine could trigger any synth (software or hardware) that takes MIDI, which I think would include the softsynths you mention.

Additionally we plan for the next release to work on a tablet, which allows the app the be controlled by touch directly, and gets away from the mouse clicking. It already works sort of like this on a laptop with a touch screen, e.g. the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Adding the ability to map Vine events to external MIDI controllers is a substantial task given the current state of the project, and it would take a lot of consideration to do properly, but there seems to be great interest in this feature. It is likely we'll add this functionality sometime in the future.


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